Smartphone Filmmaking Class Picture, Spring 2018

For six weeks this spring, I taught Smartphone Filmmaking as an online class at Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University. It was an amazing experience. But what was a happy surprise was the ambition and engagement of the studies. Of course, we’re talking about Continuing Ed, so the “students” are adults, making time in their lives to pursue a dream.

At the beginning of class, I asked everyone why they took the course. Many said “because I wanted to do it myself.” That’s the promise of smartphone filmmaking.

My six-week assignment to the class was to produce a two minute recipe video. The results were as varied as the topics and approaches – mini-documentaries and how-to videos, Irish Coffee and Risotto, humor, family, friends. I hope to be able to share some of the class work soon.

Anyway, it’s a new century. I’m teaching an online class in smartphone filmmaking (offered again in Fall 2018). Here’s the pioneer class picture, and thanks as always to the fine people at CDS/Duke for their support.