Fall Classes at CDS

Durham, NC – I’m happy to share that I’ll be teaching two courses this fall at Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University.

Documentary Night Photography

For the fourth consecutive year, Center for Documentary Studies is offering Documentary Night Photography.

The course runs for six weeks on Mondays from September 24 to October 29, 2018. Each class includes 1 hour of instruction and 2 hours on the street. The last class is a retrospective.


Testimonials for DNP

“Thank you so much for such a positive learning experience. One of my favorite classes at CDS!” – Karen H., student

“Thanks for introducing me to the night.“ – Ken Z., student

“I really had a good time.” – Giuseppe Z, student

“The photos are spectacular.” – Center for Documentary Studies

Register for Night Photo: https://register.asapconnected.com/ClassDetail.aspx?pk=1133177


Smartphone Filmmaking (Online)

This spring, I taught my first class of Smartphone Filmmaking students. It was a large class – 11 students – and CDS is offering it again in the fall.

Each class has three segments: Film Theory, Film Practice and Smartphone specifics. The course covers the entire process from idea to finished video. This past semester, my assignment to the class was to conceive and produce a recipe video. Over the course of six weeks, students came up with ideas, prepped, shot and edited their recipe videos. The results were hilarious, delicious and revealing as much about the filmmakers as the food.

The class was all women. I asked why they took the class, and almost half said “so I can do it myself.”


As the instructor, I foolishly volunteered that I’d do the class assignment as well. When week 5 of the class rolled around, all the students had been working on their videos for weeks and had rough cuts to show. I hadn’t done anything, so I decided to go with it (nothing) and here’s the video I made for class:

Smartphone Filmmaking runs for six weeks on Mondays from November 5 to December 10, 2018.

Register for Smartphone Filmmaking: https://register.asapconnected.com/ClassDetail.aspx?pk=1133212