Britton Buchanan

Cary Town Hall

Smartphone Filmmaking – Rigs for Every Budget

The trick to smartphone filmmaking is making the shots look cinematic. Shaky handheld footage gets old fast. That’s why there’s a whole ecosystem of mounts and rigs for smartphones. Read more

Gordon Hayward

La Farm Bakery

N.C. Rep Cynthia Ball

Vance Kitira Candles

Reflecting II

West of Washington

SoFi Reflecting Pool

Wynwood Walls

Colony Hotel Noir

New Class at Duke: Smartphone Filmmaking

Durham, NC – In the palm of our hands, we have more filmmaking power than D.W. Griffith, Charlie Chaplin, or Sergei Eisenstein ever knew. A Guide to Smartphone Filmmaking will cover the practice and possibilities of shooting video with a smartphone. Read more