Choosing a Tripod

One of the key tools in night photography is a tripod. With a tripod, you can take long exposures, getting good results in very dark circumstances with almost any camera.

What Kind of Tripod Do I Need?

Tripods come in many sizes, shapes and costs.

For Documentary Night Photography, you’ll just need a basic tripod – aluminum, pan & tilt head, collapsible legs. If you have a big camera, make sure the tripod can handle the weight.

A basic tripod can be had for $25-$50. Check B&H Photo online or visit Southeastern Camera or Peace Camera in Raleigh. I shudder to mention it, but you can probably get a tripod at Target or Best Buy.

SmartPhone Tripod Clip

If you’re planning to use your smartphone for night photography, get a clip to attach the phone to your tripod.

Fancy Tripods

You can spend good money on a tripod if you are so inclined – from $100 up to $1500.

Features of high-end tripods include:

  • Light-weight carbon fiber tubing
  • Geared heads
  • Heavier load capacities

Decide what you need and pick the tripod that’s best for you.