Night Photography @ Duke

Night Photography is offered by the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University. Registration now open for Fall 2017.

Your camera has amazing powers to see into the night. This course will help you discover the magic of the darkness.

One hour of class discussion and 2 hours of work on the street in every class. Six classes in total; the last one is a class retrospective. 

Suitable for all levels and all types of gear – cell phone, DSLR, Compact Mirrorless, GoPro and film cameras. Tripod recommended.


“Thank you so much for such a positive learning experience. One of my favorite classes at CDS!” – Karen H., student

“Thanks for introducing me to the night.“ – Ken Z., student

“I really had a good time.” – Giuseppe Z, student

“The photos are spectacular.” – Center for Documentary Studies

Student Work from Fall 2016


Six evening classes, once a week for six weeks.

Each class combines one hour of instruction at the Center for Documentary Studies with two hours of work on street.


  • History of Night Photography
  • Speeding up your sensor (ISO)
  • Long exposures
  • Stabilizing the camera
  • Color temperature
  • Long exposures
  • Depth of Field
  • Street Tips
  • Composition
  • Histogram
  • Lenses
  • Exif


10 hours of fieldwork, spread over 5 classes. Locations included:

  • Ninth Street
  • American Tobacco District
  • Downtown Durham
  • Brightleaf Square

Final class is a retrospective at the Center for Documentary Studies.